Morriston Citadel Band

There is no official date available to establish when the band was inaugurated, but it is believed that it was formed in the early 1900’s – Johnny Brown being the first Bandmaster appointed.

Morriston Citadel Band c.1940

Since its inception, the band has been to the fore of the Corps activities – playing a very vital role. It is worth noting that until 1938 it was the only musical section functioning at the corps.

During its lifetime, the band has faithfully proclaimed the gospel message in the streets of Morriston thousands of times – telling the old, old story, many have been won for the Kingdom through its witness.

Morriston Citadel Band 1962 Bandmaster Geraint Pelzer

Apart from its own Corps activities, the band has campaigned at many Corps, both in Wales and England. It is very active in the local community, continually responding to requests for its participation in different events and functions. Playing in Old People’s homes, Chapels and Churches, visiting the Hospital twice a month and on Christmas morning, a ministry greatly appreciated by staff and patients alike.

It has shared concert platforms with many famous Male Voice Choirs, and made a recording with Cor Meibion Cwm Garw. In 1976 it had the distinction of being featured on BBC TV’s ‘Songs of Praise’ broadcast from the famous Tabernacle Chapel, Morriston.

Morriston Citadel Band 1966 Bandmaster Beynon Rosser

A group of bandsmen were part of the Salvation Army’s team at the Aberfan disaster – epitomising the caring aspect of the Salvation Army’s ministry – the authorities being grateful for the Army’s involvement and practical contribution in this traumatic and dreadful incident, the awful consequences of which not only shocked the nation, but reverberated throughout the whole world. It had a profound and lasting effect upon the Bandsmen. – Where there’s a need, there’s The Salvation Army.
In its ranks are men and women from all walks of life, each a dedicated Christian with a common aim and purpose, of providing, through their music, an awareness of the Kingdom of God.

Today numbering an average of 12 players the band is lead by Bandmaster Brian Jones, supported by Band Secretary Derek Brown.  Rehearsals are on Tuesday at 8.30pm where you are welcome to come and have a listen as we prepare for our contributions to our Sunday worship and for up coming concerts.

Easter Sunday March of Witness 2016, Woodfield Street, Morriston