Commanding Officers

Majors Neville and Yvonne Andrews were appointed as the Commanding Officers of Morriston Citadel Salvation Army in July 2018 with their previous appointment being at Abergavenny Corps.


Majors Neville and Yvonne Andrews met on 6th August 1980 at the Birmingham Divisional Music School when Yvonne was 16 and Neville was 19 years old. Yvonne grew up at Birmingham Citadel and Neville at Romford Citadel Corps and it was due to The East London Division cancelling their music school that Neville attended the Birmingham one as he had relatives in Birmingham who organised him getting in. During the next few years Yvonne finished school/college and went to work at a mental health hostel, Neville worked in the Salvation Army’s bank and then in retail before moving up to Birmingham and working at The Salvation Army Hostel.  Both Neville and Yvonne became more and more convinced of the call to follow Christ as Salvation Army officers together and have always believed that God brought them together to serve him in this way. And so on 22nd October 1983 they were married at Birmingham Citadel Corps.

During the application process for officership it was felt that they would benefit from more experience and so for 9 months they took on the leadership of Birmingham Aston corps as Envoys before entering the International Training College as Messengers of Peace in September 1985.

On 22nd May 1987, they were ordained and commissioned and took up their first appointment at Enniskillen in Northern Ireland. They were there when the Poppy Day bombing occurred. Their daughters Clare and Kirsty arrived whilst at Enniskillen, and they were then moved to Lisburn in Northern Ireland where their daughter Rebecca was born. The journey continued after two years to Oldham in the Manchester division, where they were asked if they would fulfil the calling they felt in the training college to overseas ministry. This led them to be appointed in June 1995 to Pietermartizburg in South Africa where they were running a corps, a 42 bed hostel which included an employment scheme for the residents, Chaplains to the SA Children’s home and being Divisional Assistants. Pieter, their son was born during their stay in Pietermaritzburg – hence the South African spelling of Peter. After homeland furlough they were appointed to Germiston Corps near Johannesburg, where they also had a Chaplaincy role to the Ethembini Home for Mothers and babies, many of whom were living with AIDS, and it was during this time that they worked alongside the Officer at the home to commence the Ethembini New Corps Plant. After six years they returned to the UK so that the education of the children could be completed in the UK.  This led to appointments in North Walsham in 2001 & Sudbury in 2006. In 2011 they were given separate appointments. Neville’s appointment was the Chaplain at Hadleigh Training Centre & Farm, during which time the Olympic Mountain bike event was held there, and then after 4 years was appointed as CO at Shoeburyness Corps & Community Centre for 2 years. Yvonne’s appointment was CO at Southend Southchurch Corps for the full six years. Last year Neville and Yvonne were appointed to Abergavenny and have enjoyed once again the opportunity of working together.

Neville and Yvonne are delighted to be appointed to Morriston Corps. They come to Morriston with wide and varied experiences and are praying that these days of change will be marked by a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit accompanying renewed desire in us all to see the Kingdom of God deepened in and through us all at Morriston.