Parent & Toddler Group

Friday 9.30am

Morriston Salvation Army provides a Parent and Toddler groups to meet the needs of parents with children from 0-5 years of age. The group is recognised as offering a contact for parents to the services and activities of the corps. Invitations are given to parents to attend other appropriate corps activities at any time.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a caring and relaxed Christian environment which will offer support and will enable friendships to develop for both parents and children. The group also aim to provide experiences and socialisation skills to prepare children for future education. A further aim is to share parenting experiences to help each other gain knowledge and confidence in the responsibility of parenthood.

The group welcome, accept and value all people irrespective of colour, race or culture in an attitude of understanding, while exploring and supporting similarities and differences that we share.


The Group provides suitable toys and activities appropriate for the ages of the children. Birthdays are celebrated and other special occasions recognised. Christmas is a very exciting time with the children dressing up as Nativity characters for their Carol services which are followed by a visit from Father Christmas.

Contact Us

We are always very happy to welcome new parents and toddlers to our group. For further information find our contact details here.