Visit of Peterborough Citadel Band

People from near and far travelled to Morriston for the Autumn Festival Weekend which saw the visit of Peterborough Citadel Band. From the opening notes of ‘The Call of the Gospel’ it was evident that the band had travelled into Wales to do more than to justDSC00484 entertain. Solos included ‘Take Up Thy Cross’ (Ian Dockerill, trombone), ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ (David Ward, horn), ‘Travelling Along’ (Martyn Hobbs, euphonium) and ‘Witnesses for Jesus’ (Roy Kirsopp, piano). Multi-media presentations enhanced several items including the evenings major work ‘Music of a Legacy’ and the congregation were left thinking about those who had left a legacy in their own lives as photos of each member of the band appeared alongside that of a person who had made an impact in their lives. Bandsman David Craik opened God’s word before a period of reflection during the playing of ‘Prelude on Lavenham’. Morriston Songsters supported.

Sunday commenced with 60 people gathering for prayer followed by All-Age Worship led by Bandsman Martyn Hobbs taking ‘Acts of Faith’ as his theme. Worship included time for adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication, prior to the message the band contributed ‘In God’s Presence’

Taking advantage of the weather, the Band took to the local streets in a March of Witness MoW8 (2)before sitting down to a roast dinner with the home sections to share fellowship, renew friendships and make new ones.

The final meeting of the weekend took the form of a time of Celebration. The band opened with the toe tapping ‘Ein Fest Burg’ before moving into the quieter ‘Take Time to be Holy’. Bandsman Chris Styles testified to God’s guidance in his life and how over time things have fallen into place to put him where God wants him to be. ‘Meditation on Still’ prepared the congregations minds for thoughts from Major Jeremy Stouder (CO, Peterborough Citadel) encouraging them to be take time to be still and listen to God. The band concluded the weekend with ‘Faith Reborn’ again with powerful multimedia enforcing the message contained in the music.

Reference was made several times over the weekend about the power of a Welsh congregation singing and after words of thanks one behalf of Morriston Corps the congregation stood in appreciation to sing ‘Calon Lan’ to their guests.