Easter 2016


by Simon Richardson

Easter 2016 will be one that will be remembered for many years by those who were able to share in it at MORRISTON CITADEL.  After the excitement of Palm Sunday –  Holy Week started with ‘An Easter Meditation’ presented by the Songsters.  The evening included a broad range of music including the classic ‘The Place Called Calvary’ and the more up to date ‘More Than Wonderful’.  Major Sylvia Watts (Llanelli) brought thoughts based on the question ‘What are you doing with Jesus’.

On Thursday members of the Corps gathered for a meal and Captain David McCaw-Aldworth (CO) shared thoughts on Jesus washing the Disciples feet, symbolically everyone then had their hands washed and dried before being prayed over individually.

Good Friday commenced with a Walk of Witness with other local churches, around 150 people took part in this visible show of their faith to the local community concluding with an open air witness on the steps of Morriston Tabernacle also known as the Non-Conformist Cathedral of Wales.

easter 2Two meetings through the day at the hall saw a large cross in the body of the hall with everyone seated around it.  Visible signs of the Crown of Thorns, the dice, 30 pieces of silver and the nails were also there to assist in thinking about everything that happened on that first Good Friday.

The joy of proclaiming a Risen King on Easter Sunday started with pre meeting music from the Songsters, enthusiastic congregational singing announced that ‘Christ The Lord is Risen Today – Hallelujah!’ and the Y.P. Singing Group enthralled with ‘He Is Risen’.  The Holy Spirit took over during the Songsters singing of ‘Your Grace Still Amazes Me’ a member of the congregation made their way to the Mercy Seat.  After the meeting the corps took to the streets to share the good news (pictured).

Finally, members of St. David’s Church in Wales joined for an untied Songs of Praise, plenty of hearty singing was evident, both Songsters and Band contributed items, the bands playing of Dean Goffin’s ‘The Light of The World’ reminding those present of Jesus knocking on the hearts door.  Thoughts were given by the Reverend Hugh Lervey and the day concluded with the roof of the hall being raised in ‘Thine Is the Glory’



(Photos courtesy Simon Richardson/Simon Craven)