A Growing Church

We’ve been delighted to see our church grow in the last few years with both new people and former members coming to us and becoming part of our worshipping community.

Last Sunday saw seven of our young people (aptly named the ‘Magnificent Seven’) make their promise (below) and being enrolled as Junior Soldiers.

    • ‘I know that Jesus is my Saviour from sin. I have asked him to forgive my sins, and I will trust him to keep me good. By his help, I will be his loving and obedient child, and will help others to follow him. I promise to pray, to read my Bible, and to lead a life that is clean in thought, word and deed. I will not use anything that may injure my body or my mind, including harmful drugs, alcohol and tobacco.’

Pictured with corps officers Majors David & Eliazabeth MaCaw-Aldworth are (front row L-R) Ethan, Dylan, Blaze, Jonty and (back row L-R) Phebe, Holly and Olivia.  Also pictured are Grace Abankwa and Matthew Stonham who took the youngsters through their preperation classes and Corps Treasurer Linda Craven holding the flag.


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