Positive Response to Evangelism Initiative

In a bid to take ‘Church’ to those who would not normally be found in one Sunday 5th June 2016 saw the commencement of a new evangelism initiative. Over many years our band IMG_1267has undertaken visitation to the wards of Morriston Hospital on a Sunday morning but the opportunity has arisen where we are able to present our music in a new area. In recent months there has been extensive building work undertaken at the hospital and there is now a spacious entrance and atrium which include retail, food and beverage outlets with plenty of areas for patients to spend time off ward with visitors. At the invitation of the hospital authorities the Band, Songsters and Salvation’s Song with support from other members of the corps have been able to present an hour long programme.

Salvation’s Song

Major David writes ‘A huge thank you to everyone who participated this afternoon at the hospital. It was exciting not knowing what was going to happen, but we were well received and the representative from the hospital was very happy with the afternoon. Plenty of people stopped to listen, even those entering and leaving the hospital, many stopped and listened to an item or two before going on with their business. I feel this is a positive step into our community by taking Church to the people, a new way of doing ‘open airs’ which works for today’.


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